Weekly Round-Up #11

I love a good, relevant climbing article, and the guys over at TensionClimbing, nailed it. With a keyboard and blank screen, they set out to write “The Rules” of climbing with the intention of making us all better climbers. My favorite, by far, is #6, mostly because I need to constantly be reminded of it (even if it really is a high-gravity day…) RULE #6: … Continue reading Weekly Round-Up #11

Conquistadors of the Useless, or Pursuers of Passion?

  “Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love And do it every day Do that for the rest of your life And eventually, the world will change.” ––Growing Up, by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Millennials get a lot of flack. We’re dubbed lazy, entitled, useless. Our work ethic is questioned, our desire to live in vans reviled, and our love for the … Continue reading Conquistadors of the Useless, or Pursuers of Passion?

Weekly Round-Up #7

In this week’s news: Agnes Vianzon worked with the California Conservation Corps for over a decade where she learned the basics of trail work, backcountry ethics, and the importance of LNT. These experiences lead her to create the Eastern Sierra Conservation Core, a non-profit dedicated to “building a stronger and more inclusive community,” who aims to “provide opportunities to experience and better understand wilderness and … Continue reading Weekly Round-Up #7

A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Climbing

Disclaimer: I am not a professional climber or a professional instructor. However, I taught introductory rock climbing classes for a year and a half and have six years of climbing experience. Have you ever been on a hike and glanced up to find someone scaling the cliffs surrounding you? If you’re anything like me seven years ago, you probably thought, “Those people are crazy!” And … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Climbing

El Potrero Chico: A Sport Climber’s Paradise

For years, Potrero has been at the top of my list. It’s home to the second longest sport route in North America, Time Wave Zero, and the notorious El Sendero Luminoso that Alex Honnold free soloed in January of 2014. It’s the sport climber’s Yosemite, with more multi-pitch sport routes than a climb-cation could ever have time for. Thankfully, if you want to make the most … Continue reading El Potrero Chico: A Sport Climber’s Paradise

Quick and “Easy” Ab Workouts

It goes without saying, your abdominal muscles are some of the most important in your body. They help stabilize and reduce the incidence of injury. They’re also probably the most photographed muscle in all of Instagram history. As with any muscle group, the beginning steps to definition are hard. I’ve been known to feel defeated if after one workout my abs aren’t debuting they’re presence … Continue reading Quick and “Easy” Ab Workouts

Book Review: Arlene Blum “Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life”

If you want to read the chronicles of a true lady badass, look no further than Breaking Trail. Blum, who grew up in a poor Jewish family in Chicago, relives her years in the mountains in this climbing memoir. The book jumps back and forth between her childhood self, trying to respect and defy her grandparents wishes to find a good Jewish doctor to marry, … Continue reading Book Review: Arlene Blum “Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life”

20 Things Every Climber Can Be Thankful For

Originally posted on Girl on Rock:
Thankfulness is always a good strategy; especially when your hobby is dependent on technology that decades of trial and error has gone into. I try not to take the dedication of generations of climbers for granted ever, but at this time of year in particular. Of course, gear isn’t the only thing worth being thankful for and since Thanksgiving is… Continue reading 20 Things Every Climber Can Be Thankful For