scarpa boostic

Review: Scarpa Boostic

My first pair of climbing shoes were Scarpa’s, and after my La Sportiva Solutions took their last route, I decided to go back to my climbing roots.

When I tried on the Boostic’s, Scarpa’s “premier weapon for everything past the vertical,”  they reminded me of the La Sportiva Miura’s I had a few years back. The fit is similar, maybe a bit wider, with about the same downturn in the toe, giving it the aggressive feel for steeper routes.

scarpa boostic

And true to Scarpa’s claims, the Boostic’s are a powerhouse. I’ve climbed nearly every type of route in them. Sandstone, granite, limestone, multi-pitch, traditional, sport, and bouldering. Disclaimers: I would not recommend these shoes on sandstone, multi-pitch, or trad! At the time I didn’t have another pair of shoes that would fit the bill.

The Scarpa Boostic is a stiff shoe. I’ve been climbing in these since last November and they still have barely any give. This is my main issue with the shoe. After climbing in the Solutions and getting used to a softer rubber, using a stiff shoe feels uncomfortable and unstable to me.

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for these to blow out so I can go back to the Solutions or the Miura’s. This is also because for me and my feet, La Sportiva’s provide the best fit.

With that being said, I do enjoy wearing these shoes indoors. They are true to size, and when I’m climbing in the gym, I can usually keep them on for multiple routes before I need to give my feet a breather. Because they’re not as downturned as other aggressive shoes like the Instinct, or 5.10’s Hiangle, it’s much easier to smear in these shoes. However, I wouldn’t trust them too much. I tested them out on granite and it didn’t go very well.


If you’re looking for a stiffer shoe with a good edge, the Boostic is a great shoe. I’d definitely recommend these shoes to someone who’s looking for their first aggressive shoe. It’s the perfect amount of downturn to feel like you’re one with the rock.

Retail for $180, but you can find them on sale for around $110.

7 thoughts on “Review: Scarpa Boostic

  1. Been wearing La Sportiva my whole climbing life but been thinking of trying out a pair of Scarpas. Like you I love my Muiras. Any info on shoe stretch? I feel Sportiva stretch a lot so I always buy extra small.


    1. I didn’t notice any shoe stretch with my Boostic’s, and talking to a lady at REI the other day, she didn’t notice any stretch in the Scarpa’s she wore either. If anything, they break in a bit, but I wouldn’t say they stretch. I actually just ordered a pair of Scarpa’s for my multi-pitch shoe because they’re SO DANG COMFY. Ordered them true to size (I wear between 7 and 7 1/5, and ordered in a 7 1/3), and I can’t wait to wear them!


  2. I’m a newbie climber and wear 5.10s Rogue shoe in the gym and on the crag. I’m only climbing 5.4s and some 5.5s. I have been looking at La Sportia shoes for better outdoor climbing. Any suggestions for a beginner La Sportia shoe?

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    1. That’s awesome! I recommend the Tarantula’s by La Sportiva for a beginner shoe. Because of the fabric on the shoe, it doesn’t ever feel like your foot is suffocating. I’ve also heard good things about the Oxygym shoes, which were made for the gym. The nice thing about the Oxygym’s is that you can wash them and get some of that climber funk out. Let me know what you decide!

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